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  • Bankruptcy, Appellate Advocacy, Post-Trial Practice
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  • Construction Accident/Construction Defect
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  • Delaware Managing Partner
  • Employment Law, Municipal & Public Entity
  • Healthcare & Catastrophic & Excess Loss
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  • New Jersey Managing Partner
  • New York City
  • New York City Managing Partner
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  • Philadelphia Managing Partner
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  • Pittsburgh Managing Partner
  • Professional Liability
  • Toxic Tort, Mass Tort, Environmental and Products Liability
  • Transportation/Trucking
  • Washington D.C. Managing Partner
  • Westchester County
  • Westchester County Managing Partner
  • Nakea J. Barksdale
    Nakea J. Barksdale
    New Jersey
  • Daniel R. Bentz
    Daniel R. Bentz
  • Sarah C. Boehme
    Sarah C. Boehme
  • Justin Britton
    Justin Britton
    New Jersey
  • Melissa J. Brown
    Melissa J. Brown
    New Jersey
  • Kevin M. Buttery
    Kevin M. Buttery
    Kevin M. Buttery
  • Amanda N. Chiarello
    Amanda N. Chiarello
  • Joan D. Daly
    Joan D. Daly
  • Brendan M. Deckert
    Brendan M. Deckert
  • Dawn Courtney Doherty
    Dawn Courtney Doherty
  • Daniel F. Donnelly
    Daniel F. Donnelly
  • Roger P. Downes
    Roger P. Downes
  • Robert E. Fein
    Robert E. Fein
    Westchester County
  • Sydney A. Fetten
    Sydney A. Fetten
    New York
  • Christian E. Fisher
    Christian E. Fisher
    New Jersey
  • Daniel D. Flynn
    Daniel D. Flynn
  • Eileen M. Ford
    Eileen M. Ford
  • Mark G. Giannotti
    Mark G. Giannotti
  • Bonnie S. Goldman
    Bonnie S. Goldman
    New York
  • David P. Helwig
    David P. Helwig
  • John J. Hopwood
    John J. Hopwood
    New York
  • Geri D. Jaffee
    Geri D. Jaffee
    New Jersey
  • Erica C. Johnson
    Erica C. Johnson
  • Cecil J. Jones
    Cecil J. Jones
  • Michael J. Joyce
    Michael J. Joyce
  • Sean X. Kelly
    Sean X. Kelly
    New Jersey
  • Amanda A. King
    Amanda A. King
    New Jersey
  • Michael A. Kosar
    Michael A. Kosar
    New Jersey
  • Mary M. Labaree
    Mary M. Labaree
  • Karen M. Lager
    Karen M. Lager
    New York
  • Lynn Abelson Liebman
    Lynn Abelson Liebman
  • Kaitlyn P. Long
    Kaitlyn P. Long
    Westchester County
  • Gabriella M. Manganiello
    Gabriella M. Manganiello
  • Megan T. Mantzavinos
    Megan T. Mantzavinos
  • Joel M. Maxwell
    Joel M. Maxwell
    New York
  • Casey G. McCurdy
    Casey G. McCurdy
  • Mark P. Merlini, Jr.
    Mark P. Merlini, Jr.
  • Marci D. Mitkoff
    Marci D. Mitkoff
    New York
  • Patricia Moreland
    Patricia Moreland
  • Nicole M. Mulhern
    Nicole M. Mulhern
    New Jersey
  • Madeline M. Napierkowski
    Madeline M. Napierkowski
  • Michael J. Notartomas
    Michael J. Notartomas
    New Jersey
  • Kevin J. O’Brien
    Kevin J. O’Brien
  • Joseph M. O’Neill
    Joseph M. O’Neill
  • Maria Pavlatos
    Maria Pavlatos
    New York City
  • J. Mark Pecci, II
    J. Mark Pecci, II
  • Thomas M. Pié
    Thomas M. Pié
  • Craig J. Renitsky
    Craig J. Renitsky
  • Ashley N. Rodgers
    Ashley N. Rodgers
  • Joseph M. Samuels
    Joseph M. Samuels
    Westchester County
  • Christian M. Scheuerman
    Christian M. Scheuerman
    New Jersey
  • John M. Schollaert
    John M. Schollaert
  • Kathyrn T. Siegeltuch
    Kathyrn T. Siegeltuch
    New Jersey
  • James M. Skelly
    James M. Skelly
    New York
  • Michael V. Slivjak
    Michael V. Slivjak
    New Jersey
  • Marc Sposato
    Marc Sposato
  • Jennifer A. Stern
    Jennifer A. Stern
  • Jonathan R. Stuckel
    Jonathan R. Stuckel
    New Jersey
  • Laverne L. Tucker
    Laverne L. Tucker
  • Benjamin J. Tursi
    Benjamin J. Tursi
  • Jacob L. White
    Jacob L. White
  • Joanna Zwosta
    Joanna Zwosta
    New York City