Transportation / Trucking

The Transportation / Trucking Group at Marks, O’Neill, O’Brien, Doherty & Kelly has successfully managed, resolved and defended hundreds of claims against trucking and transportation companies and their respective drivers. In many years of litigating claims at every level, from property damage and minor injuries to catastrophic losses and multiple fatalities, we have obtained advantageous settlements, favorable verdicts, and dismissals for our clients. Our experience in evaluating all aspects of a claim and our aggressive approach to pre-litigation investigation and management results in prompt, fair, and cost-efficient resolution of claims. From the time of the accident response and investigation through the final resolution, our comprehensive, hands-on approach enables our clients to manage every potential claim. We can also provide guidance and education to our trucking/transportation and insurance clients through in-house training seminars.

Our clients consult us on a wide range of legal issues including, but not limited to those involving:

  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Property damage
  • Cargo and freight claims
  • Business interruption
  • Products liability
  • Health and safety risks
  • Employment concerns
  • Regulatory compliance at state and federal level

The Transportation / Trucking Group is comprised of trial attorneys and staff who have substantial experience litigating personal injury and death claims relating to private and commercial transportation. Our team of litigators handles claims involving all areas of the transportation industry, from limousine and taxicab to bus and semi-truck. The Group has the appropriate contacts to consult and retain qualified experts to assist in litigation, including those qualified in accident reconstruction, human factors, biomechanical engineering, seat belt, toxicology, pathology, driver training, driver contracting (independent contractor), hiring and retention, supervision, vocational disability and economic damages.

Information and referrals concerning Transportation / Trucking matters should be directed to Joan Daly at


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