Employment Law, Municipal & Public Entity

Our EPL Group defends private employers and governmental bodies in every aspect of employment-based litigation.

We handle matters involving sexual harassment, sexual orientation, race discrimination, Title VII, various federal and state statutes, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination and Employment Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. We are prepared to aggressively mount a defense at every phase, from the initial claim through the administrative process and any ultimate litigation.

We also review existing employment policies and practices to help clients minimize litigation risk. If litigation does result, a cohesive representation plan is essential to a successful resolution. We recognize the business realities faced by our clients and work with them to achieve business goals in a manner consistent with state and federal law.

We also successfully represent municipalities and governmental agencies against claims involving law enforcement activity (false arrest, excessive use of force, false imprisonment and failure to provide adequate police protection), malicious prosecution and allegations of constitutional violations of every nature. We routinely litigate the nuances of public entity law and its interplay with state and federal constitutional protections.

Information and referrals concerning Employment Law, Municipal & Public Entity matters should be directed to Patricia Moreland, Esquire at pmoreland@moodklaw.com.


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