Professional Liability

Defending licensed professional demands creativity as well as an understanding of the nuances of the specialized field of our clients. Our Professional Liability practice group has experience in defending malpractice claims across all sectors of professional practice. Examples of our clients include the following professionals:

  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Title insurance professionals
  • Financial institutions
  • Directors and officers of public and private entities
  • Not-for-profit associations
  • Architects and engineers
  • FDCPA and TCPA targets
  • Real Estate Professionals

In addition to handling individual malpractice claims, our team is experienced in defending matters filed in a class action setting. With experience ranging from FDCPA and FCRA to TCCWNA and wage claims, we have the expertise to aggressively and creatively defend class actions in both state and federal courts from inception through the appellate level.

Our Professional Liability practice group works as a team toward a common vision. We direct individual efforts toward the client’s litigation objectives respecting not only the monetary but the non-monetary costs and risks litigants face in defending against these claims.

We understand the personal and professional burden professional malpractice claims place on clients. Our ability to successfully navigate the challenges that burden creates sets us apart as carrier-retained counsel in these matters. Our experience being retained on non-insured matters for those same professionals over the years convinces us this is the approach which most effectively and appropriately meets our responsibilities to both carrier and professional.

Information and referrals concerning Professional Liability matters should be directed to Sean Kelly, Esquire at


  • Sheena Barthelus
    Sheena Barthelus
    New York City
  • Daniel R. Bentz
    Daniel R. Bentz
  • Sarah C. Boehme
    Sarah C. Boehme
  • Kandace R. Brackins
    Kandace R. Brackins
    New Jersey
  • Anthony G. Bruni II
    Anthony G. Bruni II
  • Christopher C. Caiazzo
    Christopher C. Caiazzo
    Westchester County
  • Luke (Xu) Chen
    Luke (Xu) Chen
    New York City
  • Ana R. Ciobanescu
    Ana R. Ciobanescu
  • Laurie DiPreta
    Laurie DiPreta
    New York City
  • Dawn Courtney Doherty
    Dawn Courtney Doherty
  • Stephanie Emmanuel-De Luna
    Stephanie Emmanuel-De Luna
  • Sofia Feliciano
    Sofia Feliciano
    New York City
  • Valeria Fernandez
    Valeria Fernandez
    New York City
  • Susan J. Finkenberg
    Susan J. Finkenberg
    Westchester County
  • Daniel D. Flynn
    Daniel D. Flynn
    Westchester County
  • Robert Fodera
    Robert Fodera
    New Jersey
  • Kieran E. Fox
    Kieran E. Fox
  • Mark G. Giannotti
    Mark G. Giannotti
  • Michael Golino
    Michael Golino
    New York City
  • Renee L. Harris
    Renee L. Harris
  • David P. Helwig
    David P. Helwig
  • Bernadette Irace
    Bernadette Irace
    New Jersey
  • Michael J. Joyce
    Michael J. Joyce
  • Sean X. Kelly
    Sean X. Kelly
    New Jersey
  • Noreen P. Kemether
    Noreen P. Kemether
  • Mary M. Labaree
    Mary M. Labaree
  • Mark J. Leavy
    Mark J. Leavy
    New Jersey
  • Kaitlyn P. Long
    Kaitlyn P. Long
    Westchester County
  • Megan T. Mantzavinos
    Megan T. Mantzavinos
  • Emily Marczak
    Emily Marczak
    New York City
  • Alexis S. Marshall
    Alexis S. Marshall
    New Jersey
  • Beverly T. McGrath
    Beverly T. McGrath
  • Mark P. Merlini, Jr.
    Mark P. Merlini, Jr.
  • Andrew J. Milisits
    Andrew J. Milisits
  • Patricia Moreland
    Patricia Moreland
  • William G. Murphy IV
    William G. Murphy IV
    Westchester County
  • Saikrishna S. Nadadur
    Saikrishna S. Nadadur
    New Jersey
  • Ann M. Nicholas
    Ann M. Nicholas
    New York City
  • Brett T. Norton
    Brett T. Norton
  • Joseph M. O’Neill
    Joseph M. O’Neill
  • Damon A. Pace
    Damon A. Pace
  • J. Mark Pecci, II
    J. Mark Pecci, II
  • Bellonne Pierre-Canel
    Bellonne Pierre-Canel
    New York City
  • Shane T. Rosenbloom
    Shane T. Rosenbloom
  • Gaelle Sakr
    Gaelle Sakr
  • Aisha Scholes
    Aisha Scholes
  • Fabio A. Sciarrino
    Fabio A. Sciarrino
  • Jared Silber
    Jared Silber
  • Marc Sposato
    Marc Sposato
  • Jennifer A. Stern
    Jennifer A. Stern
  • Laverne L. Tucker
    Laverne L. Tucker
  • Clara M. Villarreal
    Clara M. Villarreal
    New York City
  • Jacob L. White
    Jacob L. White
  • Yacine A. Williams
    Yacine A. Williams
    New York City