Healthcare & Catastrophic & Excess Loss

Healthcare Practice Group

Individual attention and well-focused file development are the core elements of our firm’s Healthcare Practice group.

Our goal is to provide aggressive, thorough and professional legal services in a manner consistent with our ethical obligations, our client’s objectives and any reporting, budgeting or administrative requirements established by the professional responsible for case management.

We have developed this area of our practice over the last twenty years by consistently providing the highest quality legal services at competitive market rates and by complying with agreed upon litigation plans, communicating strategy decisions and obtaining prior approval for implementation of litigation plans. Our team, in each of our offices includes dedicated nurse paralegals to effectively and efficiently obtain, summarize and evaluate medical records. Our firm’s practitioners actively participate in the meaningful exchange of ideas and strategies with both the claims professional and our client.

Our firm has a clear mission statement to provide the best possible legal services within the scope of representation established at the outset of the relationship with our client. We pride ourselves on direct, unambiguous, timely communication which not only reports but analyzes information and conveys the legal ramifications of decisions. We understand the time constraints and competing pressures professionals face when responding to litigation and work with them and their staff to achieve our litigation goals while preserving their ability to meet unrelated responsibilities and obligations.

Our Healthcare Practice group provides legal services and representation to Nursing Homes, Behavioral Health Facilities, Home Health Providers, Nurses, private practice groups and specialists in addition to hospitals and clinics, individual practitioners, not for-profit institutions and same day surgery centers. These representations involve all types of claims including state board licensing, regulatory agency actions, individual disciplinary matters and standard negligence claims.

Despite our eagerness to achieve a successful trial result, our attorneys resolve cases at all stages of litigation, from pre-suit investigation stage through appeal. Put simply, we establish shared goals and priorities during our representation which facilitates the best possible outcomes for our clients and their carriers.

Catastrophic, Excess Loss and Monitoring Counsel

As counsel to our excess carriers, our attorneys are available to provide time sensitive evaluations of case value, excess exposure and verdict value. We assist carriers in both the tender of indemnification and defense responsibilities and their acceptance. We have senior trial counsel available to either immediately substitute in as trial counsel, assist trial counsel or perform special/monitoring counsel services.

Our Healthcare Practice Group is also well-versed in the new and expansive area of Telehealth. 2020 was a revolutionary year for the use of Telehealth services across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.  With the expansion of Telehealth comes a myriad of regulations and litigation questions which have arisen.  Our team is up to date on the regulations, standards, and licenses of not only individual states, but also of federal mandates.  With issues involving HIPAA, standard of care, training of employees, and documentation of visits with patients, our team is dedicated to effectively lead our clients through this expanding area of the law.

Information and referrals concerning Healthcare & Catastrophic & Excess Loss matters should be directed to Dawn Doherty, Esquire at


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