MOODK Attorneys Patricia Fecile-Moreland and Michael Joyce of the Philadelphia Office secured summary judgment for our clients on a defamation and tortious interference case. MOODK’s clients had entered into a business agreement for the purchase of a company located in Philadelphia which did heating and air conditioning repairs, among other things. The relationship between the parties soured after acts of alleged vandalism occurred on the property of the client’s business. Plaintiff eventually left the company and then accused MOODK’s client of telling Plaintiff’s friends and potential business relationships that he had been the one to vandalize the company, steal clients, and commit burglary. Plaintiff claimed that these alleged defamatory comments also caused an associate of Plaintiff’s to stop doing business with him. Following discovery, MOODK attorneys moved for summary judgment on behalf of their client arguing that Plaintiff had failed to produce evidence that could support his claims. The Court agreed determining that the only evidence that had been produced by Plaintiff was inadmissible hearsay and could not support the claim. The Court granted the Motion and dismissed all claims against MOODK’s client and entered judgment in their favor.