Attorneys Mark Merlini and Mike Joyce of MOODK’s Philadelphia Office obtain a verdict in favor of their physician client following a jury trial in Berks County. Plaintiffs claimed that their 96-year-old decedent died from congestive heart failure after being transferred from a hospital to a local nursing facility for rehabilitation, where MOODK’s client was her attending physician. The Plaintiffs’ decedent had been on Lasix for her congestive heart failure prior to her admission to the hospital for a kidney injury at which time her Lasix was stopped. The hospital never restarted her Lasix upon transfer to the nursing home and MOODK’s client determined it was not appropriate to restart Lasix upon her admission to the nursing home due to her still recovering from her kidney injury and continued dehydration, while also having severe aortic stenosis. After five days in the nursing home and showing no symptoms of congestive heart failure, the decedent passed away quietly in her sleep. Plaintiffs sued the hospital, nursing home and MOODK’s client claiming negligence. The hospital and nursing home settled Plaintiffs’ claims but MOODK’s client refused to settle. The jury found in favor of MOODK’s client finding that no negligence had been committed by the physician.