The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the granting of summary judgment obtained by attorneys Noreen Kemether, Esquire and Ana Ciobanescu, Esquire of MOODK’s Philadelphia office on behalf of a retail insurance broker client. The plaintiff alleged that MOODK’s client was negligent in failing to obtain the requested existing structure coverage on a warehouse complex the plaintiff was renovating, and as a result, was underinsured for a subsequent fire that destroyed the property. The plaintiff had requested $2.6 million in existing structure coverage in addition to a builder’s risk insurance policy. MOODK’s client was able to obtain quotes from only one of three carriers solicited, but the carrier would not provide the full $2.6 million requested by the plaintiff. The plaintiff decided to purchase the offered coverage despite this, which was not enough to cover the subsequent property damage. MOODK’s attorneys argued that their client did not breach any duty owed as it took reasonable steps to procure the requested coverage and the policy obtained was not void or materially defective., which the trial court agreed with. The plaintiff appealed the decision to the Superior Court which affirmed the trial court’s decision, dismissing the claims against MOODK’s client.