Dawn Doherty of MOODK’s Delaware office successfully obtained an Order dismissing the Plaintiff’s Second Amended Complaint and his Motion for Sanctions against the firm in federal District Court.  The pro se Plaintiff, who is a licensed attorney in New York State, was arrested for Third Degree Assault and Offensive Touching.  He claimed he was falsely arrested and, when in a holding cell at the Defendants’ police station, claimed his civil rights were violated due to the use of excessive force.  Plaintiff further alleged the arresting officers intentionally inflicted emotional distress and, as a result of Plaintiff’s false arrest, caused his marriage to fail.  After two successful Motions to Dismiss for failure to state a claim, Plaintiff was granted leave to amend his original Complaint and his First Amended Complaint.  Plaintiff failed to cure the deficiencies that both the Defendants and the court pointed out and, therefore, the court granted Defendants’ third Motion to Dismiss.  Plaintiff then attempted to appeal the District Court’s ruling to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  However, the Third Circuit ultimately denied Plaintiff’s appeal and dismissed the case with prejudice.