MOODK’s Pittsburgh office was successful in obtaining an Entry of Judgment Non Pros for an anesthesiologist, related to a medical malpractice claim filed in Erie County. The anesthesiologist was acting as a temporary anesthesiologist at a hospital where Plaintiff was admitted to undergo a cesarean section. The temporary anesthesiologist provided anesthetic services during the procedure. Plaintiff filed a Writ of Summons two years after the procedure, naming the temporary anesthesiologist, the hospital and other physicians, however a Complaint was not filed. Counsel for the Plaintiff withdrew their appearance prior to the filing of a Complaint, and the Court stayed the proceedings for 60 days to allow Plaintiff to obtain other counsel or otherwise file a Complaint. At the expiration of the stay, attorneys Rodgers and Holden filed a motion for Entry of Judgment Non Pros. After Plaintiff failed to respond, the Court granted the motion, entered judgment for the defendants and dismissed the case with prejudice.