Sean Kelly of Marks O’Neill’s New Jersey office obtained a dismissal of all claims of legal malpractice against our clients arising from underlying complex commercial litigation. Our clients represented a corporation in various pieces of litigation stemming from a failed commercial property development. Plaintiffs alleged damages in excess of $50 million dollars. We successfully argued that Plaintiff was not able to allege the necessary causal relationship between our client’s representation and its alleged damages. The District Court agreed and dismissed the Complaint.


Marks O’Neill’s New Jersey office was also successful in obtaining dismissal of legal malpractice claims arising from the handling of Plaintiff’s dental malpractice claims. We filed a Motion to Dismiss arguing that Plaintiff failed to set forth sufficient facts to establish that our client formally undertook the representation, but instead merely consulted with the  Plaintiff. The trial court agreed that there existed no viable claim of legal malpractice and dismissed the claims.