Melissa Brown and Kathryn Siegeltuch of Marks O’Neill’s New Jersey office were successful in obtaining an order dismissing Plaintiff’s civil rights claims against our client, a luxury car dealership.  Plaintiff alleged they were denied the ability to purchase a vehicle from the dealership based on their status as a racial minority.  Attorneys Brown and Siegeltuch completed a diligent and streamlined campaign to obtain critical documents and deposition testimony despite numerous attempts by Plaintiff to impede the lawful exchange of discovery. At the conclusion of discovery, we filed a Motion for Summary Judgment, citing key evidence and admissions from Plaintiff demonstrating that discrimination played no role in the parties’ failure to enter into a transaction for the sale of a vehicle.  The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey agreed, concluding that Plaintiff’s own equivocation and personal decisions resulted in the termination of the transaction, despite the dealership’s repeated and unwavering efforts to help Plaintiff select a vehicle and complete the sale.  As a result, the District Court entered an order dismissing the claims against our client with prejudice.