Melissa Brown and Kathryn Siegeltuch of Marks O’Neill’s New Jersey office were successful in obtaining an order dismissing all claims against our clients, an insurance broker and his agency. Plaintiff alleged the broker committed professional malpractice by failing to ensure that Plaintiff had insurance coverage for injuries she sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Attorneys Brown and Siegeltuch completed an expansive discovery campaign and worked with varies third parties.  Their work led discovery that caused key concessions by Plaintiff’s expert during his discovery deposition.  We filed a Motion for Summary Judgment citing lack of any expert opinions establishing a breach of a duty of care by Plaintiff’s expert and lack of material facts establishing causation.  The Court agreed, concluding that the evidence produced in discovery demonstrated that no reasonable factfinder could conclude the insurance brokers breached the standard of care and that the conduct of the brokers could never be the proximate cause of the lack of coverage for Plaintiff’s accident.  The Court dismissed all claims against our clients with prejudice.