Since the Firm was founded, our Casualty Practice Group has successfully defended thousands of clients in cases across a broad range of litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending businesses, individuals and governmental entities in cases involving both personal injury and property damage claims. Our Casualty Group continuously works with our clients to resolve claims as expeditiously as possible. Moreover, our Casualty Group consists of well- respected and skilful trial attorneys that routinely defend matters through verdict and have a wide range of trial experience.

Premises liability has always been a focus of our defense litigation practice. We have significant experience in the defense of lawsuits involving both traditional premises liability defendants: supermarkets, hotels, retail establishments, health spas, casinos, restaurants, taverns and private residences, as well as hospitals, schools, campuses and professional settings.

Beyond the more traditional premises liability matters, we have extensive experience in assault cases, security issues, false arrest, dram shop/liquor liability and mechanical and equipment failures.

Our attorneys also focus on the representation of self-insured clients and insurance carriers in first and third-party litigation, including all areas of motor vehicle litigation, bad faith claims, first-party disputes and personal property damage claims. We have worked extensively with insurers to investigate fraudulent claims and assisted with the prosecution of these matters.

Information and referrals concerning Casualty matters should be directed to James Skelly, Esquire at


  • Christopher A. Bambach
    Christopher A. Bambach
  • Patricia H. Beall
    Patricia H. Beall
  • Daniel R. Bentz
    Daniel R. Bentz
  • Sarah C. Boehme
    Sarah C. Boehme
  • Anthony Broccolo
    Anthony Broccolo
    New York
  • Nathaniel D. Chiaravallotti
    Nathaniel D. Chiaravallotti
    New York
  • Sharon E. Conners
    Sharon E. Conners
  • Joan D. Daly
    Joan D. Daly
  • Megan L. Davis
    Megan L. Davis
  • Dawn Courtney Doherty
    Dawn Courtney Doherty
  • Eric E. Domer
    Eric E. Domer
  • Megan A. Donovan
    Megan A. Donovan
  • Robert E. Fein
    Robert E. Fein
    Westchester County
  • Sydney A. Fetten
    Sydney A. Fetten
    New York
  • Eileen M. Ford
    Eileen M. Ford
  • Jordan D. Freeman
    Jordan D. Freeman
  • Michelle D. Gasior
    Michelle D. Gasior
  • Elizabeth A. Giannotti
    Elizabeth A. Giannotti
  • Mark G. Giannotti
    Mark G. Giannotti
  • Faizan T. Habeeb
    Faizan T. Habeeb
    Westchester County
  • Matthew R. Hindley
    Matthew R. Hindley
  • Geri D. Jaffee
    Geri D. Jaffee
    New Jersey
  • Thomas J. Johanson
    Thomas J. Johanson
  • Erica C. Johnson
    Erica C. Johnson
  • Amanda A. King
    Amanda A. King
    New Jersey
  • Michael A. Kosar
    Michael A. Kosar
    New Jersey
  • Mary M. Labaree
    Mary M. Labaree
  • Kaitlyn P. Long
    Kaitlyn P. Long
    Westchester County
  • Michelle J. Marzullo
    Michelle J. Marzullo
  • Joel M. Maxwell
    Joel M. Maxwell
    New York
  • Mark P. Merlini, Jr.
    Mark P. Merlini, Jr.
  • Marci D. Mitkoff
    Marci D. Mitkoff
    New York
  • Nicole M. Mulhern
    Nicole M. Mulhern
    New Jersey
  • Patrick J. Nemes
    Patrick J. Nemes
    New Jersey
  • Michael J. Notartomas
    Michael J. Notartomas
    New Jersey
  • Kevin J. O’Brien
    Kevin J. O’Brien
  • J. Mark Pecci, II
    J. Mark Pecci, II
  • Thomas M. Pié
    Thomas M. Pié
  • Craig J. Renitsky
    Craig J. Renitsky
  • Ashley A. Rogers
    Ashley A. Rogers
  • Ariel A. Ruggiero
    Ariel A. Ruggiero
  • Benjamin F. Silfen
    Benjamin F. Silfen
  • Bonnie S. Simon
    Bonnie S. Simon
    New York
  • James M. Skelly
    James M. Skelly
    New York
  • Michael V. Slivjak
    Michael V. Slivjak
    New Jersey
  • Marc Sposato
    Marc Sposato
  • Jennifer A. Stern
    Jennifer A. Stern
  • David M. Trojanowski
    David M. Trojanowski
  • Benjamin J. Tursi
    Benjamin J. Tursi
  • Paul J. Wells
    Paul J. Wells
    Westchester County